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girl with hands on her face and appears stressed out

Modern health solutions often only address the symptom of an issue, instead of getting to the root cause: Think Accutane for acne, Tums for heartburn, or Ambien for sleep. To get to the root cause of acne, we must look deeper into what is the ultimate cause. Is it hormone imbalance, chronic stress, poor detoxification or liver stagnation, inflammation, or even food allergies or sensitivities? Once we can narrow down possible root causes, we can address the solution with herbs and attempt to eradicate the issue as opposed to just “covering it up.” Taking Tums can curb heartburn in the moment, but why is your body allowing the stomach acid to seep into your esophagus? It could be caused by food sensitivities, poor absorption or breakdown of food in the gut, or an issue with digestive valves allowing acid back up the GI tract.

Getting to the root cause of the heartburn allows us to target the specific issue with herbs instead of curbing the discomfort in the moment which can actually lead to further problems down the road.

Getting to the root cause of health issues can be complex and involve some investigation. Working one-on-one with an herbalist or naturopathic doctor can help you better determine the ultimate imbalances within your body and the root cause of the discomfort. A proper herbal protocol with specific herbal formulas, dosing strategies and procedures, and appropriate follow-up are all key to moving patterns within complex health concerns toward a state of healing.

If you keep having recurring symptoms and feel like you’ve tried everything, reach out to our team. We’ll help you dig deeper and unveil the underlying factors contributing to your current state of health.

Written by Casie G.
Clinical Herbalist