Focused on Your Wellness

Benefits of our Herbal Educator Calls

Get answers to your herb questions

Our product calls are made to help you know what herbs are inside each formula, how they work, and the ways they can support your wellbeing.

Feel confident using your herbs

Our Herbal Educators will help you use the formulas properly so you can feel confident using your herbs and reaping their full benefits.

Over 800+ calls conducted

Meet with experienced Herbal Educators who know the ins-and-out of our formulas and can guide you towards the best products for you.


Connect with our Herbal Educators

Our Herbal Educators will provide answers to all of your Apothékary formula product questions. They will guide you on when to take which herbs and basic ideas on how to add them into your daily routine. We are here to answer your product-related questions and support you on your wellness journey.

  • Complimentary 15-minute session
  • Get personalized recommendations based on your needs
  • Find healthy ways to incorporate herbs into your daily routine

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Still have questions?

We want to make sure you feel confident with our herbal formulas. Whether you have a product question, an order inquiry, or just want to say hi, we'd love to hear from you.