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Product Basics

When should I take my herbs?

This depends on which formula you’re taking. If you are enjoying Do Not Disturb™, for example, this formula is best taken in the evening when you’re looking to wind down and have restful sleep. While Slay All Day™ is a caffeinated formula and is best taken before 3pm. Refer to your formula’s specific instructions for the best time of day to use. Or visit our Shop and view the product detail page of the formula you want to take.

How much of my herbal formula should I take?

Are there any side effects from taking herbs?

How many formulas can I take at once?

What is the shelf life of your products and how should I store them?

Are your products safe for pregnant or nursing moms?

Are your herbal formulas safe for kids and seniors?

Why are your products filled all the way to the top?

How and when should I take my herbal formulas?

I’m new to herbal medicine. How do I start?

Can I use your products every day?

I’m not feeling or seeing effects from my herbs. Can I take more than the suggested serving size?

What are the differences between powder and tincture formulas?

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