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Powdered Formulas

Why won’t my powdered formulas dissolve?

Since our powdered herbal formulas are derived from real, whole ingredients without synthetic additives, it’s natural for there to be sediment at the bottom of your cup. For best results, we recommend adding 1-3 ounces of warm liquid along with your powdered herbal formula in a cup. Use an electric frother or small hand whisk, to mix the formula until the blend is fully incorporated. From there, you can add additional liquid to your cup and enjoy. Feel free to froth or whisk as many times as you want to achieve the desired texture. We recommend mixing your herbal concoction again about halfway through as some herbs are heavier and may settle at the bottom. Check out Using Your Herbs for additional content

Should I use warm or cold water to dissolve my herbal formula?

When can I expect to see results from my powdered formula?

How much of my herbal formula should I take?