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Claim to Flame®
Claim to Flame®
Digestive Aid + Joint Comfort
"My functional medicine doctor is so happy that I started using Claim to Flame® when I did...As I embark on this new journey, I am thrilled that Apothékary will be part of my tool kit!!"

Our customer Alyssa was experiencing intense bloating and "back up" (if you know what we mean). She shared with us her experience of adding Claim to Flame® to her wellness routine.

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“I don't know how personal we want to get here, but I am someone who 'uses the bathroom' once every 6-13 days. I have been like this since college.

Around the time I started using Claim to Flame® I was having worse than normal issues. After adding a dose of the blend into my diet 2-4 times a week, I noticed improvement in frequency of my bathroom trips (which is what I personally needed).

My functional medicine doctor is so happy that I started using Claim to Flame® when I did, especially since I want to take a holistic approach on my journey to reduce inflammation in my body overall.

If I see improvement using this product a few times a week, I cannot wait to see what daily use helps me with.”

Gut health: The key to a healthy life?

According to Dr. Tara Menon, a gastroenterologist at the University Wexner Medical Center, “We now know that the GI tract is full of trillions of bacteria that not only help us process food but also help our bodies maintain homeostasis and overall well-being.”

When gut bacteria is healthy and diverse, it allows the body to function as it's meant to. When it isn't, an overgrowth or lack of certain bacteria can lead to all kinds of unwanted symptoms

Source: Functional Gut Clinic
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