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Slay All Day™
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You may be familiar with some of Apothékary’s signature formulas, which are formulated by our clinical herbalists to include a variety of health-benefiting plants. The selection of herbs isn’t random; in fact, oftentimes, we pair certain herbs together in blends because they actually work together to create an enhanced health benefit that taking just one of them alone wouldn’t have.

An herbalist will rarely suggest the use of a single herb for addressing the root cause of a health issue and health goal. Why? Acupuncturists, Ayurvedic practitioners, and western herbalists all know that most herbs actually work best in combination with each other and when taken over a longer period of time.

The active constituents of plants—or phytochemicals—are the therapeutic agents that work within our bodies to improve our health. When different herbs are combined into a formula, the various constituents of individual herbs work together to target a specific area in the body across multiple pathways (or assist each other along the same pathway). 

For example, in Slay All Day, Siberian ginseng (eleuthero) acts on our nervous system and HPA axis to regulate stress, while the chlorella in the blend supports the body in heavy metal and toxin elimination (when these are not effectively eliminated, they can negatively impact our brain and nervous system as a whole). 

Triphala is also a prime example of the synergistic magic of formulas. Triphala, while called a singular name, is actually a traditional Ayurvedic formula consisting of an equal mixture of three fruits: amalaki, bibkittake, and haritaki. Separately, the fruits don’t offer much support and can feel unbalanced in our bodies. But together, they create a rejuvenating and powerful formula for supporting the digestive tract and other body systems. 

Another way herbs act in synergy within a formula is acting as a driver or transporter. Ginger in a formula can help diffuse the other herbs into the body system aiming to be targeted. Many herbal formulas also contain corrigent herbs. This class of herbs are added in small amounts to improve the overall flavor and balance of a formula—cardamon is a good example of this. When used in combination, herbs can even improve the bioavailability of each other and make it easier for them to be metabolized and used by the body.

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