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Free Spirit Minis Set
Free Spirit Minis Set
Mini Tincture Sampler

Whether you are looking to replace your nightly glass of wine for relaxation, support deep sleep, or nourish your nervous system for the long term, our wine alternative tincture collection has you covered.

During the holidays, alcohol indulgence can be at an all-time high. Consuming too much alcohol can leave us feeling hungover, depleted, tired, and irritated. Take the Edge Off®, Rosé-Tinted Glasses™, and Wine Down™ are each uniquely formulated by Clinical Herbalists to relax the nervous system in the moment or overtime—without the hangover or the sugar.

Don’t know which tincture is right for you? With our Free Spirit Minis Set, you get to sample them all. The three non-alcoholic tinctures that can be used at different times of the day and for specific impacts within the body. Read below for more details on when and why to take each formulation.

Take the Edge Off®

We formulated Take the Edge Off® as a white wine alternative with powerful nervine herbs that help ease feelings of stress in the moment, any time of day. With its calming properties, the formula is well-balanced for daytime or evening stress relief.

In addition to its powerful nervine herbs, skullcap and passionflower, it also contains nourishing tonic herbs, linden and oatstraw. Over time, these herbs can help strengthen and protect the nervous system, making Take the Edge Off® great for occasional or everyday stress and tension support.

Rosé-Tinted Glasses™

Our rosé-inspired tincture, Rosé-Tinted Glasses™ was formulated to energize the mind, support skin health, boost your mood, and provide long-term stress support. It contains adaptogenic schisandra berry and Siberian ginseng that help balance the nervous system over time and overcome nagging feelings of stress and fatigue. The lion’s mane in the formula supports cognition and memory, helping to keep us sharp and clear away the brain fog cobwebs.

Hibiscus, rosehips, and strawberries round out the formula to help provide vital antioxidants and nutrients and give us that tart and fruity rosé vibe. This is a daytime or pre-party formula that supports energy levels and mood, so you can be the life of the holiday party, without the hangover or the crash.

Wine Down™

Completing our Free Spirit Minis trio is the newest in our wine alternative collection, Wine Down™. This red wine-inspired non-alcoholic tincture was formulated to deeply relax the mind and body while supporting immunity, heart health, and helping us rest easier. This formula contains powerful nervine herbs that help calm stress and worry while soothing the nervous system in a moment’s notice.

Compared to Take the Edge Off®, the functional herbs in this formula have higher relaxation, sleep, and immune support properties. Wine Down™ is meant to be enjoyed in the evening time or whenever you are seeking deep relaxation. It contains ingredients with deep calming properties like California poppy, blue vervain, and the amino acid, L-theanine. These functional ingredients have been shown to help improve our sleep quality and duration, support muscle relaxation, and ease tension in the moment.

Still not sure which formula to take?

Here’s what our Clinical Herbalist suggests.

Which tincture can I take during the daytime (before 3pm)?

Which tincture can be taken in the evening or nighttime (after 5pm)?

What if I can’t sleep?

  • Take Wine Down™

What if I’m feeling under the weather?

  • Take Wine Down™

What if I’m looking for more energy?

What if I want to feel relaxed at a social gathering or party?

What if I want to feel relaxed in the moment?

What if I want to ease tension in my head, neck, and muscles?

What if I want to help manage my stress response over time?

What if I want to nourish my skin?

What if I want to address fatigue and brain fog over time?

What if I have a headache?

Which tincture can I use in combination?

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Written by Casie G.

Clinical Herbalist