Rosé-Tinted Glasses™

Mood + Skin Support

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Good to know

  • Mood-Boosting
  • Skin-Restoring
  • Stress Support

What it is

Rosé all day—but make it herbal. Rosé-Tinted Glasses™ is a zero-proof rosé-inspired tincture made with uplifting herbal ingredients that boost the mood, provide mental clarity, ease feelings of stress, and even nourish the skin. One dropper into sparkling water or juice is enough to give yourself daytime bliss without the alcohol, sugar, or hangover. Rosé-Tinted Glasses™ is third-party tested for quality and efficacy.

1.23 oz

Made for you if...

You’re looking for calm daytime energy while feeling alert, present, and uplifted. Adaptogenic and antioxidant-rich ingredients make this formula great for those battling feelings of stress and looking to curb signs of aging with improved skin tone and moisture. Its tincture format makes it easy to drop wherever you are making it perfect for busy professionals, parents, and students looking for mood and energy support on-the-go.

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