thin mint chia pudding
Thin Mint Chia Pudding
Breakfast and chill? This delicious, thin mint-inspired chia pudding recipe is packed with nutritious ingredients and adaptogenic herbs to leave you feeling...
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Nature's Gatorade
With record-breaking temperatures this summer, staying hydrated and taking care of our bodies is more important than ever. This electrolyte elixir is packed...
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clementine nojito
Clementine Nojito
Ingredients: 2 full droppers of Take the Edge Off® Coarse salt 1 lime 1 clementine 2 mint sprigs 0.25 oz of raw honey 4 oz of non-alcoholic rum 4-5 ...
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Oishii Berry Yuzu Rosé
Oishii Berry Yuzu Rosé
National Rosé Day was this month and to celebrate we teamed up with Oishii to bring you a refreshing, mood-boosting mocktail. Packed with uplifting ingredie...
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tropical fire smoothie
Tropical Fire Smoothie
Ingredients: Claim To Flame® Section: 1 cup of frozen tropical fruit (mango, peaches & pineapple) 1 tsp of Claim To Flame® 1/2 c of coconut water 2 tbs...
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Relax and Unwind Mocktail
Ingredients 3 oz / 90 ml chilled chamomile tea 3 oz / 90 ml pomegranate juice 1 oz / 30 ml lemon juice ½ - 1 teaspoon maple syrup, to taste 2 droppers ...
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Chia pudding
Vegan Chia Seed Pudding ft. You Dew You® and Slay All Day™
Looking for a filling breakfast that provides steady energy and gives your skin some serious TLC? This chia seed pudding is for you. Packed with soothing a...
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girl beer
Girl Beer ft. Never Been Bitter™ and Wine Down™
Disclaimer: No girl math was used in the creation of this summer's best zero-proof beverage. If you’ve been craving the bubbly experience of a refreshing...
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Doing Just Peachy Smoothie
Doing Just Peachy Smoothie
Ingredients: 2 droppers of The Honest Youth™ 1/2 cup of frozen pineapple & banana 1/2 cup of frozen peaches 1 tsp of maca powder Fresh lemon Fresh gin...
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In Our Sexy Water Era
After a dry, cold winter, you skin and body are probably looking for hydration. Bring some extra flavor to your water this season with these formula-infused...
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