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wine glass with rose petals next to herbal tincture
Lemon Cranberry Spritz ft. Rosé-Tinted Glasses™
08/07/20231 min read
Ingredients: 1-2 droppers of Rosé-Tinted Glasses™ 1/2 cup homemade lemonade (or store-bought) 1/4 cup cranberry juice 1/4 cup hibiscus sparkling water ...
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green juice with a lemon
St Patty's Day Green Juice ft Slay All Day™
03/23/2023Apothékary Team1 min read
Start your mornings fresh and energized 🌿 We know daylight savings can throw a wrench in our routines and leave us needing caffeine all day long. 😴 This gr...
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hand holding a mimosa
Simple Orange Rosé Mimosa ft. Rosé-Tinted Glasses™
08/07/20231 min read
Ingredients: 1-2 droppers of Rosé-Tinted Glasses™ 3/4 cup Pear and Hibiscus sparkling water 1/4 cup fresh orange juice To Make: Pour all ingredients in...
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blue me away mocktail
Blue Velvet Creamsicle ft. Blue Me Away™
07/03/20231 min read
You're going to love making this mocktail for the Fourth! This mocktail features Blue Me Away™, one of the prettiest formulas in our herbal medicine cabi...
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Caramel Apple Fizz
10/17/20231 min read
Ingredients: 1-2 droppers of Never Been Bitter™ 3/4 cup apple cider 1/4 cup sparkling water of choice Caramel rim + cinnamon sugar To make: 1. Add...
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small parfait with yogurt, Slay All Day , fruit and granola
Frequent Flyer Parfait ft. Slay All Day™
06/22/20231 min read
Your everyday parfait gets a balanced energy boost to keep you going. Frequent Flyer Parfait Ingredients: 1 tsp Slay All Day™ 1 cup of vanilla yogurt ...
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Watermelon Margarita ft. Firm Believer™
05/31/2023Apothékary Team1 min read
Makes 1 drink Ingredients 4 oz fresh watermelon juice (from 1 cup seedless watermelon once blended and strained) 1 oz fresh lime juice (from 1 large lim...
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Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade ft. Rosé-Tinted Glasses™
08/07/20231 min read
Ingredients: 1-2 droppers of Rosé-Tinted Glasses™ Handful of fresh strawberries 1/2 cup green tea 1/4 cup of homemade lemonade (or store-bought is great...
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Stop Your Wine-ing® packaging with berries and plants
Wine(d) Down Elixir ft. Stop Your Wine-ing®
01/11/2023Apothékary Team1 min read
This is for when you want something warm and soothing to help you wind down from long day and settle in for the night. Ingredients: 1 tsp Stop Your Wine-...
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mocktail recipe shot
Lavender Haze Mocktail Recipe with Blue Me Away™
12/21/2022Apothékary Team1 min read
If you’re still not over Taylor Swift‘s Midnights album, you are not alone. But, we have something else for you to add to your list of things to obsess ove...
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Apple Pie Spritz
10/13/20231 min read
Ingredients: 1 Dropper of Take The Edge Off™ 1 dropper Never Been Bitter™ 1 tsp Apple Pie Spice handful of diced apples 1/2 cup apple cider 1/4 sparkl...
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Rosemary's Baby Mocktail
10/23/20231 min read
Ingredients: 1 tsp Stop Your Wine-ing® 2 droppers of Take The Edge Off™ 1.5 oz fresh orange juice 1.5 oz pomegranate juice 1 oz rosemary simple syrup ...
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strawberry glaze skin smoothie
Strawberry Glaze Skin Smoothie
10/10/2022Apothékary Team1 min read
Our friend, Talitha (@talitha.abrahams) made this Hailey Bieber inspired smoothie and we'd love for you to make it with us! Ingredients: 1 tsp Firm Believ...
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matcha popcorn with candy cane pieces
Matcha Candy Cane Popcorn
11/21/20231 min read
Ingredients 3 tsps Slay All Day™ 3 cups popped popcorn ½ cup (85g) white chocolate melted ⅛ tsp fine sea salt ½ tsps coconut oil 2-3 large peppermint ...
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candy cane matcha
Candy Cane Matcha
11/21/20231 min read
Ingredients: 2 tsp Slay All Day™ 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup milk of choice whipped cream ice candy cane rim & candy cane in drink To Make: Scoop Slay All...
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recipe image for alternative frozen ice cream
Nice Cream for a Cause with Blue Me Away™ and Claim to Flame™
03/22/2023Apothékary Team1 min read
Today's version of our nice cream not only provides mental clarity and anti-inflammatory benefits but it's also in support of our Ukrainian neighbors. Our h...
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lifestyle image of cup on a table with herbal blends
First Class (C)upgrade with Chill the F* Out™
05/17/20221 min read
Your AM drink gets a serving of chill to help you stay at cruising altitude all day. ✈️ First Class (C)upgrade Recipe Ingredients: 1 packet Chill The F*...
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lifestyle image of Bittersweet Symphony (now called Clean Sweep™)
Bittersweet Elixir with Clean Sweep™
04/18/2022Apothékary Team1 min read
Seasonal change can be an important time of transition. Nourishing our bodies with warm food and beverages is an important part of cultivating a smooth tran...
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Watermelon Jolly Rancher Refresher ft. Rosé-Tinted Glasses™
09/08/20231 min read
Put on your Rosé-Tinted Glasses™, sip back, and relax with this refreshing mocktail. Featuring Rosé-Tinted Glasses™, formulated to offer all-day stress supp...
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iced coffee next to Mind Over Matter™
Mind Your Mood Iced Coffee with Mind Over Matter™
03/24/2021Apothékary Team1 min read
Looking to elevate your morning brew for more than just a caffeine boost? This recipe from @slfmkr supports a balanced mood and laser focus. Ingredients: ...
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image of slay all day blog
Rosy Matcha Latte ft. Slay All Day™
03/10/2022Apothékary Team2 min read
This rosy take on a classic favorite makes for a lovely coffee alternative to promote energy levels in a really balanced and natural way. Also, the great th...
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image of frozen cherry mocktail
Frozen Cherry Mocktail with Stop Your Wine-ing®
11/11/2022Apothékary Team1 min read
Make this Stop Your Wine-ing® frozen cherry mocktail with us This really simple and refreshing mocktail is perfect for when you’re not in the mood for wine...
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Iced Brown Sugar Latte with Astragalus
05/04/2022Apothékary Team1 min read
Summer is getting close and iced coffee is a must-have to help beat the heat. Try out this brown sugar latte with Astragalus. Astragalus, an adaptogenic ro...
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Vanilla Almond (& Cauliflower) Coffee Smoothie with Maca
03/21/2022Apothékary Team1 min read
The way we see it, two things can make any day better. Coffee Maca - your daily herb of happy Why not combine the two, add in some extra goodies, and kic...
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Viral Cottage Cheese Ice Cream ft. You Dew You®
05/16/2023Apothékary Team1 min read
Let’s make ice cream but with skin-restoring benefits. We tried out the viral cottage cheese ice cream trend and added You Dew You™—and it did not disappo...
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Merry Berry Martini
Merry Berry Martini
11/22/20231 min read
Ingredients: 1 dropper of Wine Down™ 1 dropper of Take the Edge Off™ 2 oz tart Cherry juice 2 oz decaf green tea .75 oz lemon juice 3 cherries for gar...
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bloody mary in a clear glass with celery and pickles
Virgin Mary ft. Claim To Flame™
06/21/20231 min read
This spin on the brunch-time favorite is a great way to keep your brunch game strong without tossing the rest of your day out the window. Ingredients:⁠ 1 ...
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golden milk lattes in clear glasses
Golden Milk Latte ft. Claim To Flame™
09/19/20231 min read
A creamy, good-for-your-gut golden milk featuring Claim To Flame™. This latte is an immune boosting power player in our rotation of daily beverages we love....
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Rosemary and Blueberry Spritzer ft. Take The Edge Off™
05/31/2023Apothékary Team1 min read
Ingredients: 2 oz blueberries, fresh or frozen 2 rosemary sprigs, one stripped and one for garnish 1 oz honey or Maple Syrup 1 oz fresh lemon juice, str...
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