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What is a tincture?

A tincture is a concentrated liquid extract of an herb. Herbs are extracted with a solvent, generally a combination of high-proof alcohol and water. Tincturing herbs dates back as far as distilled alcohol itself, back to the ancient Egyptians. However the term “tincture” wasn’t coined until the 19th century when Western physician and scientist, Carl Warburg, created a secret tincture remedy to treat fevers.

Our line of tinctures are potent alcohol-free, vegetable glycerin-based extracts. The herbs are first fully extracted in alcohol for the widest array of medicinal benefits, then the alcohol is fully evaporated–leaving the plant extract which is preserved in organic vegetable glycerin. For most tinctures, after the herbs are extracted in the solvent, the mixture is strained and the plant material is discarded. Instead of discarding the plant material, we take the process a step further by reducing the plant material down into mineral salt which is then added back into the liquid extract. This makes a more potent and truly full-spectrum extract.

Why herbal tinctures?

  • Fast-acting–tinctures are fully bioavailable, working swiftly to bring you the desired benefits
  • Easy-to-absorb constituents in the herbs largely bypass the digestive process so your body absorbs the benefits of the herbs quickly and easily
  • Highly-concentrated, so you only need a small amount to be effective
  • Broad spectrum of beneficial phytochemicals–some medicinal properties are best extracted with alcohol
  • Easy-to-use and convenient way to take your herbal medicine on-the-go or with minimal preparation
  • Tinctures preserve herbs in a high-quality state compared to herbal powdered which can degrade in potency over time
  • Simple ingredients–just herbs, medicinal fruits, and glycerin!
  • Naturally calorie and sugar-free
  • Our tinctures are formulated to taste amazing directly on the tongue

How to use herbal tinctures

Our herbal tinctures come in glass bottles with an easy-to-dispense dropper. One serving is equal to one full dropper. To fill the dropper, simply give the dropper one to two light squeezes and it will fill up with the full serving–about 20 drops or one ml of the tincture.

A full dropper will not actually fill the dropper all the way to the top–a full serving won’t be to the top of the dropper but right under the line of the cap. As you get very low on tincture you may need a few squeezes to fill the dropper to get every last precious drop of herbal medicine!

tincture dropper

How to incorporate tinctures

For the most potent effect, take tinctures on an empty stomach or between meals as that will lead to the fastest and best absorption. The easiest way to take them is directly in the mouth or combined with a few ounces of water taken like a shot.

Other tincture combinations include:

  • Sparkling or still water
  • Combined with juice
  • Mocktails
  • Smoothies
  • Tea
  • Kombucha

When should I take my herbal tinctures?

The best time of day for taking your tinctures will depend on your specific goals and intentions as well as the specific formula you are taking. In general, taking one serving several times will give you the most lasting effects. For example, for times of heightened stress, taking Take the Edge Off® throughout the day can help keep you calm. Or if you're looking for a daytime lift in your mood, energy, skin, and cognition, you can pick up Rosé-Tinted Glasses™. The benefits are endless with tinctures.

Let's zoom in, shall we? Take the Edge Off® contains nervine herbs that can help calm the nervous system and in higher amounts, support deep sleep. When using Take the Edge Off® during the day, we recommend starting low, with just a few drops until you get a feel for the formula. Herbs interact differently for everyone so it’s best to start slow with any new herbal supplement.

the uplifting formula, Rosé-Tinted Glasses™, this is best taken in the daytime. The go-slow and start-low approach is beneficial here (more on that later). So start with putting just one full dropper directly onto the tongue for more immediate mood and energy effects. Or add it to sparkling water or juice for longer-term skin and cognitive effects.

How much of the tincture should I take?

The amount of herbs you should take daily is highly variable and individual. We all have different sensitivities to plants, health goals, and routines that will impact how much to take. Our general tincture serving size is one dropper or one ml, but some people may need two or three droppers for the full calming benefits.

Nervine herbs, like the herbs in Take the Edge Off® effects, work well in the moment as well as over time. So Take the Edge Off™ can be effective when taken randomly or routinely. It's safe for everyday use when managing feelings of stress or can be taken as a wine alternative a few nights a week! Adaptogens herbs, like those found in Rosé-Tinted Glasses™, work best when taken over time for long-term stress, mood, and skin support.

The Go-Slow and Start-Low approach

When trying out any new herbal supplement we recommend starting off with a low quantity. Beginning with a few drops of tincture directly in the mouth and seeing how you feel over the next 30 minutes is a great place to start. Most people won’t feel much effect from just a few drops of a tincture but it will signal you to any possible negative reactions or if you are particularly sensitive to the effects of the formula. The lowest effective amount is always the best!

Time of day, hydration levels, how much you ate that day, stress levels, and so much more can also impact how much you feel your herbs so that is another reason to start with a small dose.


Tinctures are an incredibly potent, effective, and easy way to take your herbal medicine. Our tinctures are highly versatile allowing for easy consumption directly in the mouth or mixed into an array of beverages. Compared with pharmaceuticals, an important piece of the herbal medic is truly experiencing your herbs through your senses. Our tinctures allow just that—bold and beautiful colors and true herbal flavors so allow your journey to health to begin as soon as the herbal drops hit your tongue.

For additional guidance on how to take your herbs on a daily basis and how to best incorporate them into your routine, book a free product call with one of our herbal educators.

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Written by Casie G.

Clinical Herbalist