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woman sleeping in bed
All About Melatonin: Your Body’s Hormone That Helps Regulate Sleep
07/20/2022Apothékary Team6 min read
If you’re the type of person who has a hard time falling asleep, you may be familiar with the nightstand star melatonin. But did you know that melatonin is ...
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hand holing dropper with pink liquid
What Sets Apothékary Tinctures Apart from the Rest
07/25/2023Casie G.2 min read
When we say our tinctures are excellent, we mean excellent. Here at Apothékary, our alcohol-free, certified organic tinctures are meticulously crafted usin...
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Never Been Bitter™ Ingredient Spotlight
10/02/2023Casie G.9 min read
Some of the earliest recorded uses of herbs were bitters with documented use dating back to ancient Egypt. Many of the world's wild bitter plants such as–da...
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woman sitting on a sofa with a box of tissues
Top 4 Herbs for Allergy Season
04/06/2023Casie G.4 min read
For over 25% of Americans, springtime can mean irritating sniffles and itchy, watery eyes. Pollen from trees, grasses, and other plants travel through the a...
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woman pouring ingredients into a cup
The Complete Guide to Our Mental Health-Supporting Herbal Blends
02/23/2022Apothékary Team9 min read
This may be stating the obvious, but mental health is important. And while it's being recognized as an integral part of health more than ever (the WHO even...
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spread of herbs on a plate
Adaptogens 101 | What Are They, How They Work, and Why We Love Them
04/03/2021Apothékary Team4 min read
First things first, what are adaptogens? Put simply, adaptogens are plants that help your body deal with stress. They are typically herbs or roots that hel...
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4 Herbs For Menopause
11/02/2023Makayla H.4 min read
There’s a point in a woman’s life when her body…changes. Whether she’s in perimenopause (right before menopause begins), postmenopause (at the end of menopa...
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7 Herbs to Support Easeful Digestion
10/13/20236 min read
As we move into the fall season, many of us crave time to rest and digest. This means winding down from the busy summer season and walking into a more famil...
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All About Moringa: The Nutrition-Packed “Miracle Tree”
05/05/2022Apothékary Team4 min read
While plenty of Apothékary’s signature formulas are created to target specific aspects of our physical and mental health, we also love herbs that seemingly ...
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5 Signs Your Gut May Need Some Extra TLC
10/23/2023Casie G.6 min read
Do you experience skin breakouts? Are you always craving something sweet? Do you feel bloated after eating? All of these common symptoms could be a sign tha...
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How to Use Your HSA/FSA Funds at Apothékary
10/25/20233 min read
If getting access to herbal medicine to support your long-term health is a priority, then you’re going to love our new offering...you can now use your hard-...
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person holding a mug with cinnamon sticks
Timing is Everything: Why Taking Herbs Long-Term Has Greater Benefits
11/04/2022Apothékary Team3 min read
In addition to working optimally when combined in a synergistic formula, most herbs work best when taken long-term. The fundamental reason herbs take time t...
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man sleeping
An Herbal Educator's Perspective: What's Keeping You From Optimal Sleep
06/04/2023Makayla H.4 min read
Struggling with sleep? It’s easy to blame your loud neighbor who plays dubstep all night long (speaking from experience here), but let's dive into a few ac...
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image of a mushroom on a tree
Not all 'shrooms are created equal.
02/04/2021Apothékary Team1 min read
Not all 'shrooms are created equal.⁠ Mushrooms typically have one of two primary benefits: reduce stress or boost immunity. Whether you're looking to calm...
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girl with hands on her face and appears stressed out
Healing the Root: Why Treating Symptoms Alone Doesn’t Work
06/22/2023Casie G.2 min read
Modern health solutions often only address the symptom of an issue, instead of getting to the root cause: Think Accutane for acne, Tums for heartburn, or Am...
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stop your wine-ing and take the edge off side by side
Powders vs Tinctures: What’s the Difference for My Herbs?
01/06/2023Casie G.3 min read
About herbal remedies An herbal remedy can come in a wide variety of forms—tinctures, powders, hot or cold infusions, vinegars, salves, capsules, syrups, g...
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rosé tincture and dropper with a rose behind it
Introducing our new zero-proof herbal tincture: Rosé-Tinted Glasses™️
07/18/2023Casie G.7 min read
Join me in welcoming the newest edition to our certified organic wine alternative collective, Rosé-Tinted Glasses™. Unlike Stop Your Wine-ing® and Take the ...
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hand holding tincture in front of holiday gifts.
Introducing our new relaxing red wine tincture: Wine Down™
11/06/20237 min read
If you loved the stress-busting benefits of Stop Your Wine-ing®, you’re going to love the even more relaxing herbal tincture: Wine Down™. Wine Down™ is the ...
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selection of colorful roses
Spring Cleaning Your Routine
03/23/2023Apothékary Team4 min read
Spring is the air and so are the seasonal changes in our bodies. In winter–especially in cold regions of the world–we are often consuming heavier, richer fo...
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herbs being scooped into a clear glass surrounded by greenery
The Beginner’s Guide to Taking Herbal Powders
06/21/2023Casie G.6 min read
Apothékary herbal formulas are rooted in centuries of tradition and pull from the latest science. While modern medicine gives bandaid solutions to common he...
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Herbs for Gut Health: Featuring Our Seasonal Blend Float Your Bloat 
06/23/2022Apothékary Team3 min read
Looking for herbs that support the gut? Our gut health-focused blend, Soothe Operator (formerly Float Your Bloat) has all our favorite herbs for feeding goo...
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pregnant woman holding bump
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding-Safe Herbs
06/26/2023Casie G.5 min read
Medicinal herbs have been used to support pregnancy and lactation for thousands of years. From making nutritive tonics to supporting common pregnancy compla...
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What Are Carminative Herbs?
10/13/2023Casie G.3 min read
At any given moment, our bodies can be sent into digestive distress. Whether it's an ongoing issue or a flare-up from not-so-friendly food, we can count on ...
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tincture dropper in a glass
Tinctures 101: A Crash Course on Plant Extracts from a Clinical Herbalist
01/05/2023Casie G.4 min read
With the introduction of our first tincture, Take the Edge Off™, you may be wondering what the significance is when it comes to this new format (as opposed ...
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side by side of Stop Your Wine-ing® and Take the Edge Off™
Take the Edge Off™ vs. Stop Your Wine-ing®: Comparing Our Wine-Inspired Herbal Remedies
01/05/2023Casie G.4 min read
If you’re looking for an alcohol alternative—or an herbal essential to help manage stress levels—you may be debating between Stop Your Wine-ing® (a powdered...
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tincture dropper
The Beginner’s Guide to Taking Herbal Tinctures
06/28/2023Casie G.6 min read
What is a tincture? A tincture is a concentrated liquid extract of an herb. Herbs are extracted with a solvent, generally a combination of high-proof alcoh...
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