hand holding tincture in front of holiday gifts

Ring ring ring, that’s the sound of holiday bells and your mother-in-law calling you about the gift she wants for the holiday season. Believe it or not, you can buy for her and the whole family, plus coworkers in one spot: our Shop.

Whether your friends and family are new moms, struggling with gut and stress, or embarking on a sober-curious journey, we’ve got an herbal formula for them. Here’s our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for everyone you love.

For the soberish friend

It’s true, not everyone at the holiday party wants to drink. If you know someone who's on a sober-curious journey, don’t want to give them some sugary cocktail mix or a bottle of faux “flavored” alcohol. Give them something more healthful and relaxing like our herbal alcohol alternatives. They contain zero sugar or gluten but are packed with potent herbs that help relax the mind and body.

Take the Edge Off™

Perfect for winding down at the end of a long day, Take the Edge Off™ is packed with nervine herbs to support the body’s nervous system and ease tension in the head, neck, and shoulders.

Rosé-Tinted Glasses™

This mood-supporting herbal formula is full of energizing adaptogens like Siberian ginseng and lion’s mane. Rosé-Tinted Glasses™ not only supports the body’s stress response but also provides a boost of focus and nourishes the skin.

Stop Your Wine-ing®

  • Stop Your Wine-ing® is great for those looking to replace their typical evening glass of red wine while enjoying hours of relaxation and getting those heart-healthy polyphenols—minus the sugar and alcohol.

Wine Down™

(Available in the Free Spirit Minis set)

  • An easy-to-take red wine alternative tincture, Wine Down™ is great for those who could use some major TLC in the sleep department. Packed with powerful herbs to ensure you get a great night’s rest while easing physical discomfort, and calming high stress.

Free Spirit Minis Set

Our newly released Free Spirit Minis™ Set features three miniature versions of our bestselling alcohol alternative tinctures. This must-have triple tincture set has your stress, mood, and relaxation needs met from head to toe.

Sober Sips Set

  • The zero-proof Sober Sips Set features red wine, white wine, and rosé-inspired alternatives that promote less stress and more relaxation, calm nerves, and uplift the mood and energy levels.

For the friend who needs to relax

We all know someone who’s high-strung, drank one too many coffees, and always seems to be wired. That friend needs the herbal formulas we have below. They feature powerful herbal ingredients that help calm high stress, promote deep sleep, and supply energy without the jitters or crash from caffeine.

Chill the F* Out™

  • Chill the F* Out™ is a relaxing herbal formula that's great for those looking for deeper stress support. Herbs ashwagandha and reishi work to support the body’s long-term response to stressors and help you find chill for hours.

Blue Me Away™

  • Blue Me Away™ is a great non-caffeinated formula to start your day or deliver a much-needed energy boost. It features herbs like Siberian ginseng and blue butterfly pea flower that provide mental clarity and stress support over time.

Stress Less Set

  • The carefully crafted Stress Less Set is made to lower the heat on high stress and ease you into a calm, relaxing evening.

For the friend with gut issues

We all have that friend or family member who’s tried everything to bring their gut and digestive system back into balance. While some of the options they’ve tried have worked for a while, they may not have gotten to the root cause of the issue. Be the person who gives them the natural gut and digestive support—that actually works.

Never Been Bitter™

  • This easy-to-use formula is a great additive to zero-proof mocktails due to its smooth warm flavor. Never Been Bitter™ is also great for those who need quick digestive relief or longer-term gut support.

Soothe Operator™

  • Soothe Operator™ is best for those who needed gut support like yesterday. It’s great any time of day and can help increase healthy digestive function and smooth moves in the waste department.

Claim to Flame™

  • Claim to Flame™ is a warming digestive aid best for those who can be prone to slower digestion. Also a great option for those looking to support the body’s natural inflammatory response.

Gut Check Starter Set

  • Our Gut Check Starter Set is a digestive and gut-nourishing herbal set helps support a calmer gut microbiome, improve immune response, and aid the body’s natural elimination pathways.

For new moms and moms-to-be

Giving birth to a little one is no easy task. The body takes on a lot of wear and tear and recovery isn’t always easy. Give those moms and moms-to-be nutritious and inflammatory-supportive herbal formulas to help them rest, recover, and give their best to their new babies.

Claim to Flame™

  • Claim to Flame™ is perfect for those moms/moms-to-be who need a little extra digestive support. Packed with warming herbs to help fight the aches and pains from pregnancy and postpartum. Safe for nursing or pregnant mommas.

Formula Frother™

  • For busy moms on the go, the Formula Frother™ makes incorporating our herbs into your coffee, tea, or liquid-based beverages quicker and easier than ever.

For the stressed and tired parents

Being a parent is one of life’s hardest (and we hear most rewarding) endeavors. Parenting can come at the expense of your sleep, mental health, and stress levels. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! Add some of these herbal formulas to your lifestyle and hopefully, they’ll help you show up as the rockstar parent you truly are.

Stress Less Set

  • This stress-busting herbal combo is just what any parent needs to wind into the evening without the buzz, sugar, or stress. Stress Less Set is perfect for those who usually pick up a glass of alcohol for its stress properties but want a new routine.

Blue Me Away™

  • This brilliant blue herbal formula is a zero-caffeine energy booster that supports the body’s natural immunity while helping to regulate its stress response. Blue Me Away™ will help all parents feel grounded and balanced while supporting your body’s immunity, to help tackle all those bugs your kids are bringing home every day.

Good Energy Starter Set

  • Our Good Energy Starter Set is a brain-boosting, mildly caffeinated set stacked high with powerful adaptogenic herbs that help sleep-deprived and foggy-brained parents, slay each day and stay focused along the way.

For the friend who needs hormone support

We all have that friend whose hormones are not quite where they want them to be. Whether they’re menopausal, menstruating, or just that one guy with lots of mood swings, this list of herbal formulas is sure to support all genders in their pursuit of more hormonal ease while providing an uptick in the energy and mood departments.


  • Maca is great for those who need support with mood changes, hormonal breakouts, and libido issues. Maca is also great at providing steadier energy levels when used consistently.


  • Perfect for those who want hormone and stress support. Ashwagandha has been used for centuries to calm the body and mind and provide physical and mental ease.

Hormone Harmonizer™

  • Hormone Harmonizer™ is a fantastic choice for those looking for hormone support and energy and libido. The formula features maca root and energizing herbs to support physical balance and calm, rooted energy for hours without caffeine.

Mood Bloom™

  • Mood Bloom™ is great for those who need some mood support due to seasonal changes, life changes, or hormonal changes. Maca, hawthorn berry, and rose work in harmony to form a delicious to uplift the mood and body.