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Sober Sips Set

Wine Alternatives

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Good to know

  • Stress Support
  • Mood-Boosting
  • Skin-Restoring
  • Wine Alternative

What it is

Put down the wine and pick up the bliss with these three zero-proof herbal wine alternatives. This set features red wine, white wine, and rosé-inspired alternatives that promote less stress and more relaxation, calm nerves, and an uplifted mood and energy level. Simply drop or blend into juice, water, or a mocktail of choice and let the herbs work their magic on your stress, mood, and nerves. All of the formulas in this set are third-party tested for quality and efficacy.

Note: Take the Edge Off™ is made of natural herbs and ingredients that may change the color and texture of the tincture. If you see a “residue” in your tincture, don’t worry! That’s a 100% natural compound that’s normal and safe to consume. Enjoy your tincture as usual or remove the residue with a clean cloth.


Made for you if...

You’re looking for non-alcoholic wine alternatives with major health benefits. Get the same heart-healthy polyphenols and stress-soothing perks found in traditional red wine in our herbal formula, Stop Your Wine-ing®. Calm your nerves and ease head and muscle tension with our previously sold-out white wine alternative, Take the Edge Off™. Boost your mood and energy levels while nourishing the skin with our rosé-inspired wine alternative, Rosé-Tinted Glasses™.

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