Blue Me Away™

Energy + Mental Clarity Support

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  • Energy-Boosting
  • Immune Support
  • No Mushrooms

What it is

Considered the caffeine-free bestie to Slay All Day™, this brilliant blue herbal formula is a zero-caffeine energy booster that supports the body’s natural immunity while helping to regulate its stress response. One of the prettiest formulas in the Apothékary lineup, Blue Me Away™ brings mental clarity, inspires creativity, and creates space for presence and grounding in the body.

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Stacked high with stress-reducing and immune-boosting ingredients, this formula features adaptogenic herbs that help lower the temperature on your stress response, support the body’s ability to respond to inflammation, and provide a natural boost in energy without caffeine. Slay All Day™ has caffeine from green matcha while the blue butterfly pea flower in Blue Me Away™ does not. Both formulas share Siberian ginseng which has been used for centuries to inspire energy and mental clarity. Take this formula to feel grounded and balanced while supporting your body’s wellbeing from head to toe.

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