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Soothe Operator™
Soothe Operator™
Gut Nourishment

Looking for herbs that support the gut? Our gut health-focused blend, Soothe Operator (formerly Float Your Bloat) has all our favorite herbs for feeding good gut flora and healing an inflamed gut lining.

For all the herb nerds like us out there, we’re breaking down the gut-supporting superheroes in Soothe Operator that’ll help heal your glorious gut.

Marshmallow Root
Marshmallow root is a demulcent herb that is rich in mucilage. Mucilage is a polysaccharide extracted from plants with a viscous-like consistency. Demulcent herbs support our gut health by creating a protective coating on the lining of our digestive tracts that works to soothe and promote healing. The cooling nature of the root eases inflammation for a wide variety of inflammatory gut conditions and digestive issues.

Astragalus Root
Astragalus root is one of the most commonly utilized tonic herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine for strengthening and regulating the immune system and invigorating qi – our vital energy. More recent research has shown its extraordinary value for supporting gut health. This nourishing root reduces inflammation in the entire digestive tract through its antioxidant and vulnerary properties. Vulnerary herbs support wound healing and repair in the body. It is rich in prebiotic fiber, which is food for our healthy gut bacteria, and increases the production of Secretory IgAs – which are our stomach's first line of defense in protecting us against possible incoming pathogens.

Burdock Root
Burdock root grows wildly and is cultivated throughout the world for good reason. The nutrient-rich roots are packed with a high concentration of inulin, a prebiotic fiber that nourishes the gut microbiome. Through feeding the good gut bacteria, we can work to ease gut dysbiosis that can lead to bloating, gas, and other gastrointestinal symptoms. In addition to supporting our beneficial gut bacteria, burdock contains pectin that helps keep our bowel movements regular and healthy.

Ceylon Cinnamon
Like marshmallow root, cinnamon is a demulcent herb when it is mixed with cool water. Demulcent herbs contain mucilage –polysaccharide extracted from plants with a viscous-like consistency– to soothe the gut lining. Cinnamon has antimicrobial and antiparasitic properties to help rid our digestive tracts of unwanted bacteria that can increase symptoms of imbalance like gas and bloating. With the anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties of cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon is one of your gut’s new best friends.

Blue Butterfly Pea Flower
A native to South Asia, the butterfly pea flower is most recognized by its vibrant blue flowers. Like many plants as rich in color as the butterfly pea flower, the flowers contain abundant antioxidants which work to reduce inflammation and help flush the body of free radicals that can negatively impact gut health. In addition, this flower gently supports the gut by relaxing the stomach muscles through its analgesic qualities. Analgesic herbs can reduce inflammation and can support pain relief in the body.

All of these incredible herbs can be found in our blend Soothe Operator. If you’re feeling like your gut needs some love, we recommend incorporating these herbs into your daily routine to support your gut-healing journey.

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Written by Apothékary Team