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Summer is getting close and iced coffee is a must-have to help beat the heat. Try out this brown sugar latte with Astragalus.

Astragalus, an adaptogenic root native to China, is a powerful food ingredient known to help strengthen "qi" a.k.a. our "life force". Referred to as the “Yellow Leader”, this root is perfect for those looking for energy support and RMR (or resting metabolic rates). Astragalus contains polysaccharides, which are digestible carbohydrates that may help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels in already healthy individuals when taken in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.

Iced Brown Sugar Latte Recipe:


  • 1 tsp Astragalus
  • 1/2 tsp brown sugar
  • 1/4 tsp almond flavoring
  • 1 cup of oat milk
  • 1 cup of cold brew

To Make:

  1. Add in astragalus, brown sugar, almond flavoring, and 1/2 cup of oat milk into a glass and froth together
  2. Add in ice
  3. Pour in cold brew and stir
  4. Top off with cold foam (remaining oat milk)
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