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Apothékary herbal formulas are rooted in centuries of tradition and pull from the latest science. While modern medicine gives bandaid solutions to common health issues, we aim to get to the root and bring about lasting wellness. Traditional Chinese medicine and many other Eastern philosophies believe that food and diet are the cornerstones of health—and so do we.

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We understand getting all the nutrients we need can be a challenge in our constantly bustling lives. Our nervous systems are overloaded so we may be suffering from hormonal imbalances, poor sleep, and overly relying on caffeine to get us through.

While we can’t replace a healthy diet, we can add traditional herbal medicine into our daily meals and routines. Herbs can help fill in nutritional gaps often lacking in our diets, help balance our bodily systems, and give us the building blocks we need to feel better all day, every day.

Why Herbal Powders?

  • Herbal powders are safe, easy, and effective ways to enjoy herbal medicine
  • Minimally processed and nutrient-dense–they offer a wide range of fiber, phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals
  • Many vitamin-rich plants provide benefits when taken in their raw form (e.g. chlorella or moringa)
  • Herbal powders are beneficial for addressing longer-term health goals like stress management, gut lining restoration, or hormone-balancing
  • Herbal powders can be easily incorporated into a variety of foods and drinks
  • They add color, flavor, and spice to our daily meals

How to Use Herbal Powders

We have found the best way to take our herbal powder formulas is to incorporate them into your daily food and beverage routines. Adding them to your current routines makes it easier to remember and use them on a daily basis. Remember, consistency is key with herbal medicine.

Ways to Incorporate Herbal Powders

To get the most benefits from your herbal powers, try incorporating them into your…

  • Daily morning cup of coffee or tea–remember to froth it well!
  • Morning matcha or coffee alternative latte
  • Smoothie or protein shake
  • Oatmeal
  • Yogurt bowl
  • Herbal “shot”--your daily formula mixed with water, juice, or kombucha
  • Sprinkled onto avocado toast
  • Grains–add them right into your favorite grain recipes!
  • Broths and soups
  • Sparkling or still water
  • Baked goods
  • Combined with honey or nut butter
  • Evening latte or mocktail

Keep in mind that our powdered herbal formulas are derived from real, whole ingredients without synthetic additives, it’s natural for there to be sediment at the bottom of your cup. For best results in drinks, we recommend adding one to three ounces of warm liquid along with your powdered herbal formula in a cup. Use an electric frother or small hand whisk, to mix the formula until the blend is fully incorporated.

  • Quick tip: Your powdered herbs will incorporate best when added after your liquid in your cup

When Should I Take My Herbal Powders?

The best time of day for taking your herbs will depend on your specific goals and intentions as well as the specific benefits of the herbs or formulas you want to take. Refer to your specific Apothékary package or product detail pages on the website for best time-of-day recommendations.

Overall, energizing herbs shouldn’t be consumed after 3 pm—so they don’t impact your sleep cycle–and sedative herbs should be taken in the evening. Many of our formulas are more neutral and can be taken at any time, such as Soothe Operator™ or Claim to Flame®.

How Much Herbal Powder Should I Take?

The amount of powdered herbs you should take daily is highly variable and individual. We all have different sensitivities to plants, health goals, and routines that will impact how much to take. Our general serving size is one teaspoon of our formulas daily (or at least 5 days a week).

Single herb serving sizes vary so please refer to your particular Apothékary package or product detail page on the website. Our Gold Daily Remedy Spoon makes it easier than ever to measure your desired servings. The spoon fits perfectly into our jars and is a ½ teaspoon measurement.

For example, if you are looking to combine several formulas in your morning latte or smoothie, stick to 3 total teaspoons of your herbal formula.

  • 1 tsp Mane Character™, 1 tsp Mind Over Matter®, and ½ tsp lion’s mane or cordyceps is a favorite morning latte combination—take each herb alone or add directly into coffee, matcha, or a chai tea.

In general, when using powdered formulas and single herbs in combination, we recommend sticking to around 3 teaspoons of herbs within a single serving. When combining your herbs into dishes like grains or baked goods, add multiple servings as you will likely spread out the servings over the course of many days or meals.

Also, when using herbs in combination, make sure to match their effects on the body. We would avoid combining a bedtime blend like Do Not Disturb™ with an energizing one like Slay All Day™.

If you are looking to target several health goals and body systems, you may be taking more than 3 teaspoons of our herbs daily–and that is totally fine! Just aim to spread them out a bit throughout the day. There is no hard and fast rule about how many servings you can take on a daily basis. Instead, focus on what feels good in your body.

gold remedy spoon scooping herbs out of clear jar

The Go Slow and Start Low Approach

With trying out any new formula or single herb we recommend starting off with a low quantity. Beginning with a ½ teaspoon within one serving is generally a good place to start. See how the herbs feel in your body before increasing to the full serving size amount or before combining several products together.


The incredible benefit of herbal powders is their versatility. So be curious, have fun with it, and add them in any way that works best for you! Certain herbs and formulas will combine better in particular ways so check each individual product detail page for the tastiest and best ways to incorporate your powdered herbal formulas.

For additional guidance on how to take your herbs on a daily basis and how to best incorporate them into your routine, book a free product call with our herbal educators.

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Written by Casie G.

Clinical Herbalist