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What it is

Give your body a Clean Sweep. Expertly formulated to be used daily, this cleansing herbal blend has ingredients that gently support the body’s elimination pathways and slow the effects of daily exposure to environmental toxins. Consider this blend the newest part of your daily self-care routine. Clean Sweep™ is third-party tested for quality and efficacy.

20 Servings / 2.1oz

Made for you if...

Helping the body naturally detox itself from food and environmental toxins while helping to restore and nourish it is what you're looking for. Formulated to combat the effects of environmental toxins in and around us, the herbal ingredients in Clean Sweep help support both the body’s detoxification and restorative processes. It’s packed with berries, leaves, and roots with impressive vitamin and mineral profiles that support the body during seasonal transitions. If used daily, this blend can gently support the body’s elimination pathways (for example, the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, lymphatic system, respiratory system, and skin) and give your body a fresh start. This formula is perfect for the naturalist living in urban spaces and who's constantly exposed to lifestyle pollutants.

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