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The gut is home to a significant portion of our immune cells

Our gut is often referred to as the second brain; it's also a primary line of defense against illness, playing a nuanced role in maintaining the immune system. A significant portion (about 70-80%) of our immune cells resides in the gut1. The mucosa lining of the gut is particularly rich in immune cells, strategically positioned to monitor and counteract potential threats.

The gut's immune cells act as a discerning patrol, diligently monitoring the influx of unfamiliar entities attempting to breach the gastrointestinal lining. This sophisticated defense system is finely tuned to distinguish between harmful pathogens and beneficial bacteria, to maintain a delicate balance between protecting against unwelcome microorganisms and tolerating the friendly bacteria that help with digestion2. It's a bit of a juggling act, but these immune cells are pros at it, preserving overall health and homeostasis, and earning their central position in the broader framework of maintaining immunity.

Even the pros could use a little support sometimes, and herbal formulas that promote healthy digestion like Soothe Operator™ can support healthy immunity, while Releaf™ can help improve immunity even further. Read on to learn more about the relationship between gut health and your immune system, and how herbs can help.

Healthy digestion means immune cells get the nutrients they need for optimal function

The immune system is your body's natural defense force, tirelessly working to identify and neutralize invaders like bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances. For this powerful defense team to function at its best, it requires a constant supply of nutrients—nutrients that get absorbed via the digestive system.

Immune cells are hungry, too! They need vitamins, minerals, and other elements to produce antibodies and keep unwelcome microbial invaders at bay. Imagine your immune system as a fortress. This fortress is strong but it requires constant reinforcement to maintain itself. The bricks and mortar come in the form of vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients. These plus amino acids play pivotal roles in supporting immune function by acting as supports for the cells that regulate your immune response3. And where do you get these vitamins? You guessed it—from the food you eat and the herbs you take.

If your digestion is not up to par, perhaps due to an unhealthy diet, a lack of physical activity, or stress, it may affect how the body absorbs these important nutrients. Maybe you're not absorbing nutrients as effectively as you should be which, in turn, can adversely affect the immune system's ability to defend against pathogens and maintain healthy immunity.

This is like having a kink in the supply chain that helps strengthen your immune fortress. Slow and sluggish digestion can lead to nutrient deficiencies, depriving your immune system of the essential tools it needs to fend off threats. The walls of the fortress can start to weaken and cracks may appear, making it easier for invaders (pathogens) to enter. If the nutrients that your immune system relies on are in short supply, this can weaken its response.

When the gut microbiome flourishes, so do digestion and immunity

The health of your gut microbiome and the beneficial bacteria that make up your gut flora play a crucial role in immune function. Together, they foster a harmonious synergy between digestion and immunity4. The microbiome is like the digestive system's sidekick, assisting in breaking down complex food components, helping absorb nutrients, producing beneficial compounds, and even contributing to the development and function of the immune system. All of which help the immune system more accurately respond to invaders.

These microbes act as vigilant sentinels, training your immune cells and even producing substances that fend off potential invaders. It's like having a microbial defense force right there in your gut. Beneficial bacteria help your immune system work smarter, they help act as guards, and also actively participate in building up and strengthening the mucosal integrity of the gut.

There’s a symbiotic relationship between the gut and immune system. While the good bacteria in the gut are cheering the immune system on, prebiotics are like fertilizer for your good bacteria, promoting healthy gut flora.

Support digestion and immunity with Releaf™ and Soothe Operator™

Help your gut find long-term balance with Soothe Operator™, formulated with slippery and soothing marshmallow root to help protect the integrity of the gut lining and burdock root to provide prebiotic support for healthy gut flora. Soothe Operator™ also contains astragalus root, an herb that provides deep immune support and prebiotic benefits. Because a healthy microbiome isn't just about digestion; it's a key player in protecting and supporting your immune system.

To up your immune game even further, add Releaf™ to your routine. Releaf™ was expertly formulated to help support immunity, while also providing support for healthy digestion with beneficial ingredients like ginger and clove. A happy and healthy digestive system ensures the efficient breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients to provide the immune system with materials it needs to stay strong, essentially arming your immune system with the right tools. A warm and grounding berry-rich formula that provides immune, digestive, and antioxidant support, Releaf™ will help you turn over a new leaf, to renew and rejuvenate the metabolic and immune systems, especially during these cool and crisp winter months, to keep you stronger than ever all season long.

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Vanessa Mardones, PhD

Written by Vanessa Mardones, PhD

Herbalist & Ethnobotanist