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When we say our tinctures are excellent, we mean excellent. Here at Apothékary, our alcohol-free, certified organic tinctures are meticulously crafted using premium, sustainably sourced ingredients. We focus on quality and that extends to sourcing our ingredients from the USA and even local to our manufacturing facility, whenever possible.

When it comes to extracted herbal products like tinctures, the sourcing of ingredients becomes even more crucial. This is because each serving contains a concentrated amount of herbs. With our rigorous standards for quality, we also make our tinctures highly sustainable by extracting all elements of the plant, resulting in the least amount of waste possible in the production process.

Our liquid extracts are created from both fresh and dried plants using a specialty extraction process called Spagyrics. Spagyrics combines ancient alchemical techniques with modern scientific methods to produce tinctures that encompass a wide range of medicinal constituents, are abundant in minerals, and are highly bioavailable and effective in the body.

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Our tinctures are formulated by Clinical Herbalists with intention and care. They are easy to use, highly absorbable, effective, and functional. Unlike most tinctures on the market, we also pay close attention to taste, as we have found that with improved taste and vibrant color, our customers are more likely to take their herbal medicine each and every day. We know you’ll love our tincture herbs. Be sure to check them out in the Shop.

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Written by Casie G.

Clinical Herbalist