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Sleep is one of the most foundational aspects of lasting wellness. Sleeping between 6-9 hours a night is essential for helping the body repair itself, detoxify the brain, calm feelings of stress, and recover from the day’s activities for a new tomorrow. But, not everyone can fall asleep with ease. Stress, alcohol, and body aches can cause many to struggle to fall and stay asleep night after night. Fortunately, Mother Nature has our back with potent herbs that can help you wind down, sleep well, and wake up feeling rested—naturally.

Our Clinical Herbalists have gathered some of Mother Nature’s best herbal remedies and formulated them into effective sleep support formulas. Do Not Disturb™ is one of our community favorites. This powdered herbal formula is made with adaptogenic (stress support) and brain support herbs like mucuna pruriens and holy basil. It also contains sleep-supporting and mood-relaxing herbs like rose and Ceylon cinnamon.

Then, we have our newest sleep support formula, Wine Down™. Wine Down™ is a wine alternative tincture formulated to help replace your usual glass of red wine with a body-soothing zero-proof alternative. This herbal red wine tincture contains tension-relaxing herbs like California poppy and blue vervain. It also contains sleep and heart support herbs like bilberry, hawthorn berry, and tart cherry.

Both formulas are wonderful for sleep, relaxation, and stress. But which one is best for you and your unique health needs? Let’s take a look!

Sleeplessness from high stress, worry, and racing thoughts

Depending on your health and lifestyle, you may be someone who struggles with hours of restlessness and feelings of awakeness before bed. Whether it’s a chronic condition or something that occurs from time to time, feeling relaxed enough to rest is a struggle for you, we recommend taking Do Not Disturb™. This formula is ideal for those who experience stress, worry, and racing thoughts before bed and need help to calm the mind in order to sleep well. The herb, mucuna pruriens, found in Do Not Disturb™, has naturally occurring L-Dopa, a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine, the happy, relaxed hormone that helps calm the mood. In addition, the adaptogenic holy basil helps calm high stress and promote deep sleep3. With that, Do Not Disturb™ is our recommendation for those who need to calm racing thoughts before bed and move the mind and body toward rest.

Sleeplessness from alcohol consumption

If you’re someone who tends to pick up a glass of alcohol to wind down in the evenings, we recommend replacing your nightly glass of red with Wine Down™. Wine Down™ is ideal for someone who doesn’t struggle with stress or restlessness often, but would simply like to replace their typical evening glass of red with something more healthful. The fruits, tart cherry and bilberry found in Wine Down™, help contribute to a full-bodied wine-like experience while supporting melatonin production and delivering powerful sleep support benefits. For those who drink before bed to relax, Wine Down™ is your go-to sleep support formula.

Sleeplessness from body aches, pain, and tension

For those who struggle with physical discomfort whether it be physical pain or tension, we recommend taking Wine Down™. Wine Down™ contains nervine herbs that help ease body tension and discomfort all over the body. California poppy, found in Wine Down™, is a gentle, non-addictive form of poppy that offers pain support and can help ease tension in the head, neck, and shoulders. Blue vervain is also a tension-soothing herb with additional benefits that support those struggling with menstrual-related aches and pains as well as digestive and liver issues. When it comes to calming body aches, we recommend the pain support herbs found in Wine Down™ to help you physically relax and rest.

Sleeplessness from feeling sick or unwell

For some people, getting sick comes with poor or irregular sleep. If you’re feeling under the weather and need better rest to speed up your recovery, we recommend Wine Down™. The formula contains elderberry, an ancient herb used for centuries as a support to the immune system and to help speed up recovery. The formula also contains L-theanine, an amino acid naturally occurring in tea leaves, that’s been shown to promote deep, restful sleep and contribute to the body’s natural recovery process8. For those who need that extra boost to fall asleep during sick spells, Wine Down™ is the formula for you.

Sleeplessness from feeling cold or chilly

The temperature of a room can make a big difference in how well you sleep. For those who run cold and need something warm in their hands to help rock them to sleep, we recommend Do Not Disturb™. This powdered herbal formula can make a cozy elixir to warm up and relax when paired with hot water or warm milk of choice. Simply add one teaspoon of Do Not Disturb™ to a mug, add warm water or milk, froth using your Formula Frother™, add a light sweetener of choice (or skip it), and sip back. Enjoy your cozy Do Not Disturb™ beverage one hour before bed to allow time for the formula to take effect. Then, slip underneath the covers to rest.


Sleeplessness is an issue that affects nearly ⅔ of adults. Whether sleeplessness occurs from one night of drinking too much, or it’s an ongoing issue, it can affect our entire bodies including our mental, physical, and emotional health. Leaning into Mother Nature’s best remedies and picking up herbs that help counteract lifestyle and health factors is a great step towards lasting wellness. The herbs found in Do Not Disturb™ and Wine Down™ are here to support you on your journey to better sleep. Pick them up in our Shop and enjoy better sleep tonight and for months to come.