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Empowering a more natural way of life through vetted herbal remedies, holistic education, and personalized telemedicine for long-term health and well-being.

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Our Products

Nature is Medicine™

We harness the intelligence of nature by creating clean, effective herbal remedies that target the root cause of health imbalances like helping to ease stress, support the gut, strengthen immunity, boost energy, and sharpen mental focus.

All of our products are made with real, whole plants and don’t contain GMOs, fillers, artificial chemicals, and additives. So you’re getting the most potent version of your herbs – the way nature intended.

  • 100% real plants
  • Certified organic when available, vegan, and gluten-free
  • No artificial chemicals, fillers, or GMOs

Centuries of use, now proven by science

We're here to help you replace over-the-counter quick-fixes and synthetic vices with herbal remedies that have been used for thousands of years — and are now being confirmed by modern science.

Our clinical herbalists formulate our products using their specialized knowledge and dedicated review of the evolving body of clinical research on plant-based therapies.

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Our Founder

Hitting the Wall, then getting well

Our founder, Shizu Okusa, is a Wall Street alum-turned-wellness entrepreneur. After leaving an intense finance career, she became inspired to live a more balanced lifestyle and revisit her Japanese roots and passion for herbal medicine. Shizu set out to help others regain their holistic health using traditions she grew up with and ones she learned along the way. Now, she proudly leads Apothékary in our mission to deliver natural herbal remedies that get to the root cause of health issues rather than masking the symptoms.