Formula Frother™ and Spoon Set

Essential Tool

What it is

Our two essential tools, paired perfectly together!

Introducing the new half-teaspoon Gold Daily Remedy Spoon™, your favorite tool for precisely measuring powdered herbal formulas. Crafted from matte gold stainless steel, this spoon perfectly fits Apothékary formula jars, ensuring the right amount for your hot and cold herbal tonics. Just take one or two scoops, add them to your cup, mix with water, milk, coffee, tea, and more, then savor the results.

Elevate your herbal formulas with the Formula Frother™, a high-speed frothing device that effortlessly blends our powdered herbal formulas. With just a simple button press, it can also froth milk for beautifully delicious lattes. Use it to seamlessly incorporate our herbal formulas into your coffee, tea, or other liquid-based beverages. The Formula Frother™ is your new best friend for enjoying your daily herbs.

Made for you if...

Whether you're a fan of creamy lattes or find it challenging to blend our powdered Signature Formulas seamlessly into coffee, water, or tea, our two-speed rechargeable frother is the solution. It effortlessly turns your herbal experience into a delicious and hassle-free ritual.

Our specially designed spoon takes the guesswork out of your daily herb intake. Each scoop precisely measures the ideal quantity for a half serving of an Apothékary Signature Formula, ensuring you get the right dose of herbs every time.