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Mane Character™

Hair Growth Support

Good to know

  • Hair Support
  • Nail Support
  • Tension Support
  • No Mushrooms

What it is

Dealing with lackluster locks? Give your mane a whole new character. This potent herbal formula is your new go-to formula for stronger hair, nails, and skin–from the inside out. Nutrient-rich and collagen-supporting ingredients make this formula magical for helping the body rebuild connective tissues and breathe new energy into lifeless strands. Mane Character™ is third-party tested for quality and efficacy.

20 Servings / 2.1oz

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Made for you if...

Bouncy, thick, and light-catching hair, skin, and nails are on your must-have list. Mane Character™’s herbal ingredients deliver luxurious, collagen production and connective tissue support from head to toe. This herbalist-crafted formula features herbs used for thousands of years to promote thick and voluminous hair strands, strong and vibrant nails, and soft, supple skin.

How To Dose

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