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Alcohol Alternatives

Studies show there is no safe amount of alcohol to consume when it comes to our health. For many of us, reducing our alcohol consumption is one of the most powerful tools we have for long-lasting wellbeing. Our herbal formulas contain potent plant-based herbs used for centuries to deliver the bliss, relaxation, and sleep support benefits we often get from alcohol without the sugar or hangover.

more relaxation • less alcohol consumption


So Relaxing and Even Tastier

"I drink this at night with some sugar-free lemon-lime soda and zero-sugar fruit punch flavoring and it tastes better than any fruity cocktail I could get on vacation! Huge bonus: no sugars and no hangover. I stopped drinking because of health issues and this is the perfect alternative!"

- Anastasiya | ✓ VERIFIED BUYER

Take the Edge Off Lifestyle

TTEO Results
improved sleep • woke up refreshed


Take the Edge Off™ has changed my life for the better

“I have been on Ambien for years as it was the only sleep medication that I could take that helped me to fall asleep right away. I have tried many other sleeping medications as well. Then a friend told me about Take the Edge Off™. I take one dropper full under my tongue and within 30 min or so I am able to fall asleep. I wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and not drowsy. Take the Edge Off™ has changed my life for the better!!”

- Vanessa | ✓ VERIFIED BUYER



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fell asleep faster • improved sleep quality


Love This Product

“I’m a nurse who works nights and this product has been so helpful. I take it in the morning when I get home and it helps me fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep. I also use it the night I’m switching back to a regular sleep schedule and it helps with that transition as well. Great product.”


Wine Down Lifestyle



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felt calm • more relaxation


Can Really Feel Something

“I’m really enjoying this product, so many that I’ve tried you can’t really feel much relaxation, or it’s a relaxation that doesn’t feel good. Stop Your Wine-ing® actually feels good and it’s a nice mild calm. I like that.”


Stop Your Wineing Lifestyle