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Dream Team Starter Set

Stress + Sleep Support

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  • Sleep Enhancing
  • Stress Support
  • Tension Support

What it is

Rest without the stress with this nervous-system soothing, sleep-inducing herbal set. Featuring calming adaptogens, this sleep combo can help you resist that wide-awake end of the night feeling and ease into restful sleep that’ll leave you feeling fresh and new the next morning. Both of the formulas in this set are third-party tested for quality and efficacy.


Made for you if...

Deep sleep is a pain point for you, and you're looking to ease yourself into bed and stay asleep for hours.

The adaptogenic herbs in Chill the F* Out™ have traditionally helped people ease into the evening with peace of mind. The blend’s adaptogens soothe a restless nervous system and promote calm and ease when the body needs it most.

Do Not Disturb™ has soothing sleepytime herbs like holy basil, mucuna pruriens, and rose that provide sedative and stress-soothing properties.

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