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  • Energy-Boosting
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Caffeine-Free

What it is

Stay focused and flourish without the caffeine. This herbal formula set is stacked high with powerful adaptogens, roots, and flowers that have been used for centuries to support cognitive function and focus–helping you harness the power of plants to get clear on what’s important and fly through your daily to-do’s. Both of the formulas in this set are third-party tested for quality and efficacy.


Made for you if...

Having hours of mental clarity and focus without caffeine is what you're looking for.

Mind Over Matter™ is a mix of non-psychedelic adaptogenic mushrooms that support brain health and cognitive function by improving concentration and helping the body adapt to stress.

Blue Me Away™ has a unique composition of both stress-reducing and cognitive-boosting ingredients that naturally support the immune system, provide clarity of thought, and create additional headspace when you need it most.

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